Welcome to FlyNeighborly.net -- the Eastern Region Helicopter Council’s community portal established in 2007 to help reduce helicopter noise affects throughout the New York Metropolitan Region, including Long Island.

Since 1977, ERHC has promoted communication among communities, local-elected officials, the Federal Aviation Administration and the region’s helicopter operators to enhance safety, professionalism, efficiency and community compatibility.

Your specific feedback is critical to our ongoing effort to identify noise sensitive areas within the region and gauge the helicopter industry’s performance with existing, voluntary noise abatement procedures.

While limited resources prevent us from responding to individual complaints, please know that each and every complaint received is logged, mapped and the specific information is entered into our PlaneNoise complaint database. The data is reviewed and analyzed to identify trends and areas of concern, and is then regularly shared with ERHC members and local airport managers.

The Eastern Region Helicopter Council encourages all of our members to fly neighborly and fly as high as operational and weather conditions permit. We are committed to developing practical and balanced solutions to address the region’s helicopter noise concerns.

Filing Your Inquiry or Complaint

ERHC has set up two simple ways for you to file your helicopter-related inquiry or complaint:

Toll-free complaint hotline (1-800-319-7410)

Either way, we ask that you kindly provide as much information as possible. Details will help PlaneNoise Analysts review and process your complaint.

Thank you for filing your complaint with ERHC & PlaneNoise.